Charles Milling, Producer/Creative Director

Charles Milling is Live Hymnal’s founder, music director, chief cook and bottle washer.  A producer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, arranger, band-leader and songwriter… he really considers it all just monkeying around.  In reality, he is just an exceptionally nice guy who is a life-long student, a music-enthusiast, and someone who aspires to work and play with his heroes.  Charles was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, where music –like God- is everywhere and in all things.  He began playing in live bands at the age of 12.  By 16 he was studying Jazz under legendary teachers and touring with his band.  Then came NYU.  Then Berklee.  Then a list of secular credits.  Most importantly, at some point on his music journey (19-ish), Charles met Fran McKendree, his most influential music and life mentor.  Fran took Charles under his wing, recalibrating the “why” behind his music: to facilitate connections between people’s experience of music and their spiritual journey.  In 2004, Charles moved to Delray Beach, FL to work for a small, adventuresome Episcopal church (Saint Joseph’s).  There, he developed a passion for arranging beautiful, old hymns for bands, and for leading congregations in the sacred act of communal singing.  With his zeal for great musicianship and arranging, it wasn’t long before he corralled his favorite local, South Florida heroes to come play at church.  Thus began “Live Hymnal”.  Between 2004 and 2013, Charles arranged enough material for Live Hymnal to record seven albums.  In 2012, he formalized Live Hymnal LLC and began producing the first Live Hymnal album, “Prelude”.  (Now six to go and counting!)  Charles is humbled and honored to play and record with Live Hymnal’s stellar cast of musicians and larger-than-life friends.  He also wants to thank St Joseph’s for the hundreds of services past and, for many more to come! For more information on Charles and his music, visit www.charlesmilling.com. 
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