Lance Seiler, Percussion

Percussionist and all-around natural musician, Lance Seiler has been a part of the Live Hymnal family since 2006.  Bahamian born and bred around music, within hours of his birth, the hospital room was filled with musicians playing and celebrating.  Lance was raised at his father’s famous, jet-setter nightclub, Junkanoo, where he absorbed rhythms and music from the greatest musicians from all over the Caribbean.  He grew up amongst the celebrities of the time, and the outrageous stories he has to tell could not be written better as fiction.  Legendary guitarist, Ernest Ranglin, is his Godfather.  Among his mentors are Joe Donato, Othello Mollineaux (Jaco’s band), Paul Meeres Jr, Danny “Big Black” Ray (Dizzy’s band), Berkley “Peanuts” Taylor and Carter Lord (film maker).  There is an inimitable, pure spirit behind Lance’s playing that words fail to capture.  He is truly humble in his barrage of intentional, powerful hits, slaps, pings and scrapes.  No fancy college degrees.  Never had a music lesson.  He sums up his approach as “The Guerrilla Method” (or is it Gorilla?), and he claims he can barely count to 4.  However, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.  There is a reason he has been playing live gigs since the age 13 and why he is still playing one of the longest-running gigs of all time (30 years of Reggae Night at Boston’s on the Beach).   Lance also had a Surf Rescue career in Delray Beach, FL for many years where he says he made more surf rescues than he can even remember.  Lance became a part of our Live Hymnal fabric in its early days and helped us grow by bringing in players with like minds and spirits, such as Bob Taylor and Jeff Renza.  He says, “it is a blessing to be in this unique setting with truly GREAT pedigreed players.  I love how ego-less and truthful the output is”.  We are so lucky to have Lance vibing out with us on every journey, song and prayer.
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