About Us

We are a community of musicians and singers from South Florida, led by Creative Director, Charles Milling. Our mission is to amplify joy in the hearts of God’s people, and to bring new life to the music of His church. We love music from all over the world and we blend genres in our music with the aim to cross many divides. Leading a congregation in singing spiritual music is our greatest privilege. Telling funny stories and bad jokes during rehearsal is our favorite pastime. If one word could describe what we are about, it would be “joy”.


So many beautiful, poetic hymns and sacred songs… so little time! Mainline Christians are long-overdue for their own band soundtrack. Sure, there’s Praise and Worship music, but what about the music we’ve been singing out of our hymnals for hundreds of years? We want to be Mainline Christianity’s house band… a playlist to jam out to seven days a week, and something to share with secular friends who could use an introduction to God through awesome music.


Between Sundays, we are busy arranging and recording our favorite hymns. We’ve released two albums, each with corresponding sheet music, and we are currently working on album number three. Our dream is to continue in this way for many years and albums to come. In the new age of music streaming, this is a dream we cannot bring to fruition on our own. If this is something you care about too, then please consider supporting us here and helping us along the way!

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